What is Euthabag used for?

Euthabag has been designed as a more respectful alternative to replace the plastic garbage bags currently being used to transport, cremate or bury our beloved companions after euthanasia.

Is EUTHABAG biodegradable?

Over many years, Euthabag may biodegrade, however it was not the main goal when designing the product. Ensuring an animals remains are kept contained if ever excavated and that no chemicals or heavy metals would be released into the environment if the bag were to be buried or burned, were our main priority. This is the reason that Post Consumer Recycled Materiasl (PCRM) has been incorporated into the product instead of Industrial Recycled (heavy metal containing) materials. In addition, the bag containes no chlorine or PVC, the ink used is water-based and the zipper is made from a polymer resin to ensure when using Euthabag, you are being as environmentally conscious as possible.

Can EUTHABAG be cremated/buried?

Yes, it was designed with cremation and burial in mind. Euthabag is supported by crematoriums as it burns faster than the traditional plastic trash bags and due to the recycled material content emits no toxic chemicals into the environment.

When Euthabag is buried it will stay in tact for many years, however, small holes will form allowing for necraphagous insects to do their job and help decompose the remains. Visit the ECOLOGY page here for more information on onging studies.

Can Euthabag be used for Aquamation (alkaline hydrolysis)?

Euthabag is (mainly) used for transportation to the facility and will remain almost intact after Aquamation.

After Aquamation the bag can be washed and recycled.

Can Euthabag be re-used?

Technically, yes. However, they were designed for one-time use and cannot be guaranteed for multiple uses after washing. Euthabag was designed to be practical, to avoid the extra logistics of having to wash and dry a bag and is composed of recycled material to reduce the impact on the environment.

How can Euthabag be a no-cost solution for our practice?

For only a marginal extra amount (1-4%), Euthabag can be incorporated into the cost of euthanasia, therefore at no additional cost to you.

Can I order just ONE Bag?

Currently, two crematoriums in Québec allow for the purchase of individual Euthabag units: Incimal and Cremanimo.

What packaging does Euthabag come in?

Each size (except XS which comes in a plastic package) comes in a compact & stackable box, with a perforated opening for easy removal. 


  • Small     (13"x 10"x 7") contains 20 Euthabags

  • Medium (15"x10.25"x6") contains 8 Euthabags.

  • Large     (15"x10"x 7.5") contains 8 Euthabags.

  • X-Large (14"x11.5"x 7") contains 5 Euthabags.